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Welcome to the wiki for World of Guns: Gun Disassembly.

It is a free-to-play educational game dealing primarily with the structure and operation of firearms, and is currently available to play through Facebook, Kongregate,, VK and Steam.

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T flak88T zis3

Assault Rifles
T ak47T ak74nT aks74uT asvalT famasT fnfalFN SCARButton icon-hk g3T hkg36T l86a2T lr300mlT m14T m16T m4T sigsg552T steyraugT tar21

T m32mglT m79T rpg7

T borchardtc93T barT colthammerButton icon-dreyse m1907T harpersferryButton icon-lahti l-35T lewisgunT mauser1914T mauserc96T maximgunT winchester1873

Machine Guns
T browningm1919DShKT browningm2T m134dminigunT m60T rpk Button icon-mg 3

T beretta92fsButton icon-beretta px4 stormT browninghpT coltm1911CZ-52T cz75T deserteagleT fnfivesevenT glock19T gsh18T hkuspT jericho941T pmT rugersr9T swmp40T swsigmaT sigp228T springfieldxdmT stechkinapsT waltherp99T waltherppT welrod

Pocket Guns
T amtbackupT copT remingtonderringerT rugerlcpT rugerlcr

Button icon-chiappa rhino 60dsT coltpythonT coltsaarmyT coltwalkerT nagantm1895T rugernewvaqueroT rugeroldarmyT rugersuperredhawkT swm53T swschofieldT webleyfosberyT webleymkvi

T m107T m200T svdT hksl9sdT remington700T sigsg550sT steyrscoutT vssvintorez 

T benellim4super90T browningauto5T franchispas12T mossberg500T remington870T winchestermodel21

Sports Guns
T berettacx4stormT browningbuckmarkT calicom100T marlin336T ruger22T rugermkiiT rugerno1

Submachine Guns
T btmp9T fnp90T hkmp5T hkump45T krissvectorM3 Grease GunT mac10T tec9T plr16T vz61T sterlingmk4T uziHK MP7 Walther MPL

T atboysT dp27T leeenfieldSpringfield M1903 A3 SVT-40T fp45T lugerp08T m1garandT mauser98kMAS 36T mg34T mosinnagantT mp40Nambu Type 14T ppsh41Button icon-ptrdPTRS-41T sksm5966T stenT stg44T thompsonT ttT waltherp38