Achievement Objective Prize
Owner Complete Field Strip 50 Exp
Technician Complete Disassembly 300 Exp
Armorer Complete Assembly 300 Exp
Operator Complete Operation 100 Exp
Gamer Complete Game 700 Exp
Timed I Complete Game in 5:19 300 Exp
Timed II Complete Game in 3:43 400 Exp
Timed III Complete Game in 3:02 500 Exp
Expert Complete Game without hints. 400 Exp
Sniper Complete Game or Hardcore Game by only clicking parts which can be activated 400 Exp
TOP-3 Achieve one of the top 3 spots in daily high scores 500 Exp
Champion Achieve first place in daily high scores 800 Exp & 2 Credits
Craftsmaster Complete Super Game 800 Exp
Serenity Complete Game or Hardcore Game without activating a part before the previous part has finished 300 Exp
Lightning-Fast Reflexes Complete Super Game with accelerating at least 75% of parts 500 Exp
Hardcore Player Complete Hardcore Game with Sniper and have at least 3 parts active at the same time 500 Exp
Complete Set Complete all achievements 1,500 Exp

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